EcoShot Version 4.0.3

EcoShot Version 4.0.3

Features a new Request EcoShot User Interface for multiple AI model identities (variants) & support for parametric-based AI-generated models.

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IMPORTANT - In addition to downloading v.4.0.3 of the plugin, Windows users are advised to get the EcoShot Installer from the Windows Store which enables future automatic updates of the EcoShot plugin.

1. Enhanced EcoShot-plugin user interface.

You will see a change in the User Interface for the Request Images step for AI-generated models.

You will be able to view multiple model identities and show options within the Request window. Once you are happy with your selected model, you can request a hi-res EcoShot image in the usual way.

2. Support for custom AI-generated models

Customers with a paid version of EcoShot (paid image package) can opt for our Custom AI-Generated Model service (in beta). Metail will build AI models based on parametric avatars to suit both the fit and desired look, making the 3D design workflow much easier and more efficient.

In version 4.0, support for custom parametric-based AI models is included for individual customer subscriptions.

Contact our team at to request a call to discuss your requirements.

Click here for instructions on how to download and install the latest EcoShot plug-in.