Buying EcoShot Packages - FAQ

Buying EcoShot Packages - FAQ

EcoShot packages and payment options


1. How much does EcoShot cost?

There are three EcoShot Image Packages available to buy via our website:

  • Collection (50 images)
  • Projects (500 images)
  • Regular (1000 images)

You can find the details on this page.

2. How can we pay for EcoShot?

The Collection Package (50 images) can be purchased directly from our website by credit card.

The Projects and Regular packages can be purchased by either credit card or by bank transfer after you request an invoice.

3. What information do you need from our team or Finance department for invoicing and bank transfers?

We will require payment in advance to give you access to EcoShot. If you require access urgently before your payment has been processed, please let us know when you request an invoice. In addition to your company information, you will be required to provide the following:

  • A Purchase Order number if your company requires this to process payments.
  • Set up Metail as a supplier to your company on your system if this is required
  • Provide your Finance/Payment team contacts details.

After your payment is processed (or invoice for bank payments) is issued, you will receive confirmation and an invitation to access EcoShot.

How will I see the details of the Image Packages we have purchased?

You will be able to access your package information via the Packages tab on the Image Hub.